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A story of freshness

A story of freshness



i'm jennifer!

and to my right is my food partner, Luanne.. we're here to steal the spoon for a couple of nights a week to bring you healthy vegetarian + vegan meals. 


as moms, we understand how crazy life can get - and we're offering you some time to kick back, enjoy family and let us do the meal planning for you. 

automatically people think that being vegetarian means you only eat salad, yet there is still a variety of untapped spices, flavors and vegetables people often overlooked on their veggie adventure. being vegetarian also means you must eat the proper vitamins, minerals and protein in your diet. 


even though oreos are vegan you can't thrive on them. #eattherainbow



our mission here is to show you that eating your 

vegetables can be healthy...

 and delicious


one of the most common frustrations when i am going out to eat is when i ask "what do you offer vegetarians?" and the response i get is "we have salad and mac+cheese." blah.

so here we are... breaking the "only salad" barrier and bringing you delicious vegetarian food inspired by italian, asian, thai, mediterranean, spanish, etc. cuisine.


you're getting the option of a healthy meal for the same price as a drive-thru burger basket. 

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